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Perfect for kids and parents - by Allison 2009-05-19 15:47:13 I heard that. Yep, you just did it. I caught you. Don’t try to deny it. What? You don’t know what I’m talking about? You didn’t even notice? That’s where I was just last week. And last month, and so many other times that I can’t even keep track. Every time it happened, I didn’t even realizing what I was doing. I can tell by your blank stare that I’m going to have to clue you in. Are you ready for the big revelation? You were singing "Old McDonald Had a Farm." Not just singing. Jammin’ to the music while you were driving down the road. Making every single noise like you were channeling your inner farm animal. I must say, you are a pretty convincing pig. Please don’t take that personally! I can’t make fun of you too much, because I myself have rocked out to kid music only to arrive at my destination and realize that I had a rare moment of driving--get this--sans kids! And I had just wasted it. I could have listened to anything I chose, and now the opportunity has passed. It doesn’t happen very often. Most of the time I let the kiddos choose the music. Some of it I enjoy, others not so much. I have my favorites. So do the kids. Luckily a few CDs are on both lists. Praise Baby is one of them. We all love the music that is on the Praise Baby CD. It is so calming and geared for the kiddos. But there’s a secret. It’s also perfect for the parents. Some days the only praise and worship time I get is while listening to a Praise Baby CD, or watching a Praise Baby DVD. It is so refreshing to my spirit to spend that time renewing my mind and soul, even with kids in the car, or while doing the dishes. I can tell a big difference in my day and my attitude when I have had that time to spend in praise to my God. Even if it’s while listening to or watching a “kids” product. Do my kids love it? You better believe it! And I can rest in the knowledge that they are filling their minds and souls with lyrics and music that edifies them. That teaches them truth. That shows them they are special, fearfully and wonderfully made, and that there’s a God that loves them and has a plan for their lives. And I don’t mind filling my mind and soul with the same goodness. Even if I’m belting it out while at a stoplight with no kids in the car. Even if the lady next to me is watching! You can read more posts by this author at more entries
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